Guide for digital licenses

Digital publication licenses are a way of stopping copyright claims being filed against you for using music on the Radialbog9 Store.

Note: You only have to purchase a digital license if you represent a company or a social media account with more than one person operating it.

You can then use the music in any online publication (Instagram and Facebook are automatically claimed by a third party so you probably shouldn’t try to dispute an automatic claim on those platforms with our license keys).

Purchasing a license

When you purchase a license you will be sent product keys in your order email.

A key might look like this:


(the above code is not a real code)

For YouTube, you should put a form of contact in your about page and then place the following text in the video description, adding your key where it says “your key here”:

Some/all of the music in this video has been licensed through Radialbog9’s website, The following key is verification of purchasing the digital publication license, which must be connected to the email used to complete the order. Extra verification may be required by the owner of this channel to confirm ownership of the product.
KEY: –your key here–
Nobody can use this key with any other channel as it is locked to this channel.

For other social media platforms make sure direct messages are open on your social media account so we can contact you.

If we contact you with a claim complaint, you have to provide evidence of you owning the channel and also evidence of your order. We will then make a note of your information so that we do not claim you for the same song and product key on the same channel again.